What I’m Reading This Week: September 1, 2019

I have this habit (please tell me I’m not alone) where whenever I’m stumble upon an interesting article or find an item I’m coveting, I text the link to myself. Then, more often than not, I forget about them for weeks. So my text conversation with myself is basically a graveyard of interesting content I have lost track of in the hubbub of daily life. 

Therefore, I’m starting this weekly little post as a better way to keep track of and celebrate the fun, interesting, and thoughtful pieces of writing (ok, and a few fun products) I find each week. Hope you enjoy! 

In case it wasn’t clear last week, I’m in love with my robo-advisor I use for investing (which is good considering we’re in a long-term, committed relationship — ha, get it?). Beyond just having a good experience using them, they send out an amazing newsletter every week. I’m talking some seriously high-quality content here. My favorite this week was this piece about why it pays to consistently invest, even when the market is down. Filing this under “Things I Should Have Learned Sometime During My Academic Career But Somehow Didn’t.”

I’ve been reading a lot lately about the difference between mentors vs. sponsors in your career. I love how this HBR piece explained it clearly and succinctly: “While a mentor is someone who has knowledge and will share it with you, a sponsor is a person who has power and will use it for you.”

Currently coveting this touch-control bedside lamp for my new digs. There’s just something so satisfying about turning a lamp on and off with a simple touch of the hand. Is it a gimmick? Yes. Am I falling for it? Yes.

I believe everyone should read this viral piece about Goop and the wellness industry in general. I’m guilty of thinking I can buy my problems away (hence the numerous amount of times I start googling and add-to-cart-ing the best acne treatments after discovering a massive zit).

I’ve recently started dipping my toe in the water of freelance writing. It’s overwhelming but fun, and I was shocked at how many truly useful resources I’ve found as I’ve gotten back into the swing of things. However, Lindy of The Freelancer’s Year has by far been the most instructive and helpful I’ve found. I can’t recommend reading just one post on her website; it’s all fantastic.

I recently fell in love with La Croix (and by recently, I mean yesterday). I know, I know, I’m incredibly late to game. It’s fine. However, I immediately started wondering if something I suddenly liked was also bad for me. Thank goodness I found this piece to set my mind (mostly) at ease. *takes a big swig of her mango La Croix*

I’d love to hear what you’re reading this week. Send your favorite links my way in the comments!

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