Book Review: Rich20Something

If you’ve been more of a “creative type” your entire life like me, then you might have had this little voice in the back of your head saying, “How could you ever be good at business? You don’t do numbers. You don’t do marketing. You don’t do have any inkling of how to run a business.”

Although I did minor in business in college, I never really got it. (Consider yourself lucky you didn’t have to watch me fumble through Accounting 101.)

But that brings me to greatest, best thing about Daniel DiPiazza’s debut book, Rich20Something: Ditch Your Average Job, Start an Epic Business and Score the Life You Want: It makes you believe you can be good at business, no matter who you are.

Granted, I was skeptical at first. Don’t get me wrong: I did my research on DiPiazza, and there’s no doubt that he is talented and has created a successful, lucrative empire. But how much could he really tell me that I didn’t already know? Was he really going to give me his secrets to success?

The answer to both of those questions: yes and no.

DiPiazza’s book reminded me of things I already know, but he gave them real-world meaning. For example, he’s big on the idea that you don’t have work eight hours a day to be successful or productive. He discusses prioritization early on in the book and explains how his productivity skyrocketed when he focused on the tasks that would make him money. He shows his method by taking you through his process of prioritizing his to-do list for a day: First, he does a “brain dump” of everything on his plate. Then, he reorders that list so that all money-making activities are first. That means that even if he only gets three things done that day, the three completed tasks were the most important.

Now, I’ve heard varying forms of this before, but seeing DiPiazza lay out his lists and explain the prioritization of money-making tasks over others really hit home for me that I should be doing in my life as well.

One of the most insightful and helpful chapters of DiPiazza’s book for me was Chapter 8, “Going Digital: How to Create an Online Business That Makes You Money While You Sleep.”

SO MUCH INFO. Seriously. This chapter is GOLD. Do you follow social influencers or online entrepreneurs on your various social platforms and wonder how the heck are they making money? Chapter 8 has the answers, my friends. Not only does DiPiazza explain the difference between freelancing and entrepreneurship, he goes through the various business models for online businesses and the “machine” you need to build to set any of those business models in motion.

There’s waaaaay too much good content in this book to put in this blog post, so I highly recommend this book to anyone who’s contemplating starting an online business. I can’t say I was one of those people when I started the book, but Daniel DiPiazza has me thinking it’s not as out of reach as I thought.

Have you read Rich20Something by Daniel DiPiazza? What are your thoughts on the book? Tell me in the comments!

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